Ant Esports NC280 RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler, 10" - 17" + Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad for PC + USB Powered Fan + Very Stable and Silent + Compatible Mac and PS5/PS4 - New 2022

Ant Esports NC280 RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler, 10" - 17" + Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad for PC + USB Powered Fan + Very Stable and Silent + Compatible Mac and PS5/PS4 - New 2022

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A relatable incident. Most of us have already been there: your laptop starts running slowly, to the point of freezing up sometimes. This has been happening for a while and you never paid too much attention to it as it wasn't THAT bad... until it's too late. Now it's just frustrating and your mood gets ruined every time you need to work or play videogames using your computer. Looking for solutions. You could waste time and money trying to find the cause, hiring IT services, waiting for the manufacturer to give you a solution, or even buying a new, expensive laptop because 'this one is just too old'. However, the reason for those slowdowns is usually simpler than that: overheating is causing trouble. At Ant Esports NC280, we want the best for you and offer you a simple and inexpensive solution to cool down your laptop. An immediate impact. Wave goodbye to those uncomfortable slow-downs on your laptop with the Ant Esports NC280 laptop cooler. As soon as the fans start spinning, you won't have to worry about overheating anymore, even in summer. Play your favourite games at full performance and never miss a deadline in your work or studies. Enjoy your laptop as it was meant to be enjoyed and savour this new-found peace of mind about one of your most valuable tools available: your beloved computer. Elegant, sturdy, effective. This huge cooling pad is a great solution to cool even the biggest gaming laptops. It comes equipped with two 115 mm fans spinning at 1200 RPM which create a powerful airflow decrease temperature in mere seconds. Adjust the fan speed easily with the buttons at the front and use the RGB button to select your preferred backlighting effect. Durable + warranty. The Ant Esports NC280 ABS structure and sturdy metal grid significantly increases its durability. Furthermore, we are so confident in our products that we offer a 1 year warranty on this model, which makes this a completely risk-free purchase for you. Compatible with PC | Mac | Xbox | PlayStation
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