Djokr On The Rocks Perfume For Men 100 ml | Eau De Parfum | Premium Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance Spray

Djokr On The Rocks Perfume For Men 100 ml | Eau De Parfum | Premium Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance Spray

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Details of the product
Djokr is a mightily crafted EDP i.e. Eau De Parfum which is higher in concentration than other perfumes resulting in an ever-lasting fragrance. Djokr On The Rocks is a timeless fragrance, crafted for you to wear at any time. Djokr On The Rocks EDP boasts distinctive top notes of cardamom and whiskey, complemented by the bold and intense base notes of leather and amber. This makes it a versatile fragrance suitable for both daytime and nighttime wear. One of the unique propositions of On The Rocks is that it does not contain any gas fragrance. It’s been crafted specifically to nurture its attractive and aromatic tones, meant for spraying at the pulse points. A simple dab on the key points is enough to lock it in. Top Note: Bergamot, cardamom, and whiskey make for a spicy and intoxicated element to the top note that keeps your spirit going all day long as soon as you wear the fragrance. Middle Note: Leather and Jasmine has a calming, luxurious and sweet note that gives your fragrance a fresh yet refreshing feel. Base Note: Amber, leather and patchouli are masterpiece components that add an earthy vibe to your fragrance.
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