DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Men's Classic Athletic & Outdoor Casual Sandals/Floaters with Adjustable Cushion Strap for Adult | Comfortable & LightWeight |Stylish & Anti-Skid |Everyday Use for Gents/Boys D-301

DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Men's Classic Athletic & Outdoor Casual Sandals/Floaters with Adjustable Cushion Strap for Adult | Comfortable & LightWeight |Stylish & Anti-Skid |Everyday Use for Gents/Boys D-301

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{✔} Designed to Fit- The design of these Doctor Extra Soft Athletic & Outdoor Sandals is simple & classic, with a slip-on style that makes them easy to wear & remove. The men's classic casual floaters are ideal for everyday use & pair well with all kinds of outfits. These black sandals are easy to take on & off while being extremely durable. They have a spongy cushion footbed which gives extra comfort & are made with water-resistant material, making these perfect for wear in wet/damp conditions{✔} Ultra Soft EVA Footbed:- The super soft thick 3.0cm EVA outsole, the classic sandals is lightweight, spongy & pressure-resistant as a whole, providing excellent stability & shock absorption, making you feel like walking on a cloud & you will love walking since then! It effectively absorbs shock during wearing, thereby reducing the pressure on feet, knees & back, so it's highly recommended for people with plantar fasciitis! Thicker but very light, this will give you a comfortable experience{✔} Super Lightweight & Flexible- This flexible everyday wear black school sandals are good for strength conditioning as their flexibility allows your feet to get a workout by moving more naturally than conventional or thicker-soled sandals. Lightweight flexible sandals put 7% to 15% less stress on knee than less flexible floaters with higher heels. Flexibility helps performance, promotes efficient movement, prevents incorrect body alignment, maintains muscle balance & decreases injury risk{✔} Multiple Usage: Best men's classic casual sandals can be used in a day in the garden, roaming around town, during movie time, beach party or simply lounging at home, men's sandals are the perfect choice for all outdoor activities, whether you are walking around campsite, gardening at home, or indulging in some high-intensity sports. Our outdoor sandals are also ideal footwear for summer holidays, days beside the water, etc. These men's black sandals can also be worn at schools & offices{✔} Packaging: We know how important it is to store prized possessions well. Hence, every pair of athletic floaters is impeccably packed in a beautiful & classy storage box, made to last long, a perfect gift option with zero compromise on quality. Various colours are not highly attractive to look at but also gives you the option to buy sandals as per choice than chance. Their compact & lightweight packaging design makes it perfect to pack into your suitcase, beach bag, gym bag or water sports kit
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