Electric Spin Scrubber Rechargeable Cleaning Brush, Cordless and Portable Power Scrubber Kit with Replaceable Brush Heads,x Scrubber for Cleaning Tile, Sink, Window, Floor, Tub, Car

Electric Spin Scrubber Rechargeable Cleaning Brush, Cordless and Portable Power Scrubber Kit with Replaceable Brush Heads,x Scrubber for Cleaning Tile, Sink, Window, Floor, Tub, Car

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Replaceable brush head & detachable extension rod antaryami electric spin scrubber comes with 7 replaceable cleaning brushes that can be used in various scenarios. the flat brush is ideal for cleaning tile floors, walls, and pools, while the corner brush is perfect for tackling grout, faucets, and edges. the cloth brush is designed for cleaning wooden floors and furniture, and the sponge is best suited for windows. additionally, these heads can even be used for polishing and waxing your car. high-power power scrubber the antaryami electric scrubber brush is a cordless and versatile cleaning tool that is specifically designed for use throughout your home. it is powered by a large-capacity 2500 mah battery with high torque, offering two rotation speeds to choose from 300 rpm and 400 rpm. when combined with a cleaning agent, this scrubber can quickly eliminate stubborn stains, leaving your tile floors looking brand new. rechargeable & cordless & waterproof after only 2 hours of fast charging using the new type c charging mode (which doesn't require a traditional plug), the spin scrubber can be used for approximately 120 minutes. with this electric bathroom scrubber, there's no need for long wires, allowing you to clean any corner of the room with ease. despite its powerful performance, the scrubber produces a low sound volume of under 70db. notice: it can not be used underwater. 12-54in detachable & adjustable handle antaryami shower scrubber helps you get rid of laborious household cleaning, put the telescopic extension rod on and it will allow you to adjust the length of the spin scrubber from 12 inches up to 54 inches, this tool is especially beneficial for the elderly and those with waist problems, and can also save time and effort. it makes for an excellent gift for parents and spouses, and provides the convenience of modern technology. exceptional after-sales service antaryami is dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional after-sales service to achieve our long-term goals. we have full confidence in our products. if you encounter any accidental damage during shipping or experience any issues during use, please feel free to contact us. we will promptly provide repair or replacement solutions for you. this makes an ideal gift for family and friends.
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