HOTCHAA Original Chilli Oil - No MSG | Umami Spicy Flavourful Garlicky Aromatic | Vegan | Cooking | Dipping | All Purpose | For Pasta, Pizza, Noodles, Eggs & Momos 170g

HOTCHAA Original Chilli Oil - No MSG | Umami Spicy Flavourful Garlicky Aromatic | Vegan | Cooking | Dipping | All Purpose | For Pasta, Pizza, Noodles, Eggs & Momos 170g

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Introducing Hotchaa Original Chilli Oil - The ultimate flavor enhancer for every culinary adventure! No MSG, just pure deliciousness. We believe in pure, unadulterated taste, which is why Hotchaa Original Chilli Oil is proudly MSG-free. Our recipe relies on the natural goodness of ingredients to deliver a depth of flavor that will leave you craving for more, without any artificial additives. Vegan-friendly. At Hotchaa, we're committed to catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences. Our chili oil is 100% vegan, ensuring that everyone can savor the delightful flavors it brings to the table. Spicy bliss in a 170g jar. Our 170g jar of Hotchaa Original Chilli Oil ensures you have an ample supply of fiery goodness to take your culinary creations to the next level. Share it with family and friends or keep it as your secret ingredient for those unforgettable meals. Elevate your cooking game. Unleash your inner chef and explore endless possibilities in the kitchen with Hotchaa Original Chilli Oil. Whether you're a seasoned cook or a culinary enthusiast, this chili oil will inspire you to experiment, create, and savor new flavor profiles. Versatile culinary companion. Hotchaa Original Chilli Oil isn't just your average condiment; it's a versatile culinary companion. Whether you're sautéing, stir-frying, marinating, dipping, or drizzling, this chili oil adds a burst of flavor to a wide variety of dishes. Use it with pasta, pizza, noodles, eggs, momos, or any other creation that could use a spicy kick and a garlicky aromatic touch.
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