Kuber Industries Gloves | Microfiber Cleaning Gloves | Chenille Mitts for Kitchen | Hand Duster for Kitchen | Hand Gloves For Car | Double Sided Gloves | SHXNEFSST2 | Pack of 2 | Blue

Kuber Industries Gloves | Microfiber Cleaning Gloves | Chenille Mitts for Kitchen | Hand Duster for Kitchen | Hand Gloves For Car | Double Sided Gloves | SHXNEFSST2 | Pack of 2 | Blue

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Package contain 2 piece cleaning mitts SHXNEFSST1. Material: Microfiber. Product dimension: 28 cm x 23 cm x 6 cm. Extra plush & super absorbent, your go-to solution for top-notch cleaning. These gloves are made from quality materials that soak up water really well, so you don't have to worry about drying them after they get wet for a long time. They can absorb a lot of water, and once they're dry, you can use them again to clean dirty areas. These gloves are super gentle and won't scratch surfaces, like when you're washing your car. Designed for any size hand, perfectly suited for all hand sizes, our car wash mitts come with a robust double-stitched elastic cuff. The smart elastic wrist cuff ensures that the glove stays securely in place on your hand. With this snug-fitting cuff, you can trust that the glove won't slip off onto the ground or into your cleaning bucket while you're using it. Designed to accommodate hands of all shapes and sizes, these mitts are a universal fit. Scratching or harming free cleaning, say goodbye to worries about unintentional scratches or harm while cleaning your car and glasses. We've designed our car wash sponge mitt with your concerns in mind. It functions by gently collecting dirt and particles, trapping them within the mitt's fibers. This ingenious approach guarantees a scratch-free and damage-free cleaning process for your valuable possessions. Super soft & inside water-resistant cloth, experience the epitome of comfort with our super soft cleaning mitts, enhanced by an inner water-resistant lining. This ingenious design guarantees that your hands stay dry even when the mitts are wet. Embrace the delight of cleaning while preserving the softness of your hands. The alluringly soft texture of these mitts adds to the appeal, making your cleaning tasks truly inviting.
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