Kuber Industries Lightweight Fruit Picker|Fruit, Mango, Coconut Plucker|Fruit Picking Tool, Basket For Garden (Red)

Kuber Industries Lightweight Fruit Picker|Fruit, Mango, Coconut Plucker|Fruit Picking Tool, Basket For Garden (Red)

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Details of the product
Package contains 1 piece fruit picker. Material: Steel with painting sponge. Product dimension: 35 x 35 x 16 CM. Portable convenience for harvesting: This fruit picker is designed with portability in mind. Its lightweight construction ensures that you can effortlessly carry it into orchards, gardens, or farms. This feature is especially handy for fruit-picking in hard-to-reach areas or on uneven terrain. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying heavy ladders or other equipment. Lightweight design for all ages: This innovative fruit picker is suitable for individuals of all ages. Its lightweight build makes it accessible for seniors and children alike. It significantly reduces the physical strain associated with fruit harvesting, making it an ideal tool for families or small-scale fruit growers who want to involve everyone in the process. User friendly operation: This fruit picker is incredibly easy to use. It comes with a user-friendly design that requires minimal training. Simply extend the picker's pole to your desired height, position the basket around the fruit, and gently pull the trigger. The fruit drops gently into the collection basket, ensuring minimal damage and bruising. Efficient & time-saving: With this fruit picker, you can significantly increase your harvesting efficiency. The pole's extension capabilities allow you to reach fruits at different heights, reducing the need for constant repositioning or climbing. This leads to time savings and a more productive fruit picking experience.
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