Kuber Industries Peeler|Plastic Vegetable Peeler|Fruit Peeler|Non-Slip Handle|Steel Sharp Straight Blade|Y Shaped Peeler|Kitchen Peeler|Pack of 3 (Green)

Kuber Industries Peeler|Plastic Vegetable Peeler|Fruit Peeler|Non-Slip Handle|Steel Sharp Straight Blade|Y Shaped Peeler|Kitchen Peeler|Pack of 3 (Green)

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Details of the product
Package contain: 3 piece Y shaped vegetable peeler. Material: Plastic. Package dimension: : 15 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm. Sharp straight blade: A sharp blade peeler is a kitchen tool that combines a sharp blade with a handle to make peeling fruits and vegetables easier and more efficient. The sharp blade is typically made of stainless steel and is honed to a fine edge, allowing it to easily peel off the skin or outer layer of produce without damaging the flesh underneath. Some sharp blade peelers may also have a serrated edge, which can be useful for peeling items with a smooth or slippery surface. These peelers are useful for preparing fruits and vegetables for cooking or eating, and can make the task of peeling much quicker and more efficient than using a manual peeler or a knife. Durable & unbreakable peeler: A durable and unbreakable peeler is a kitchen tool that is designed to withstand frequent use and resist breaking or bending. This type of peeler may be made of materials such as quality plastic that can withstand the pressure of peeling fruits and vegetables. Hand-friendly vegetable peeler: This peeler is hand-friendly, designed to peel fruits and vegetables without the need to hold them with your fingers, reducing the risk of injury. These peelers often have a long handle and a short, sharp blade that is used to remove the skin from food. Some peelers also have a guard that surrounds the blade to protect your fingers as you peel. Comfortable & versatile in use: The use of this peeler is versatile, with the help of this peeler, mango, apple, carrot, potato, tomato, cucumber and many other things can be easily peeled with the help of this peeler. The handle of this peeler is made of hard plastic, it is very firm and comfortable to hold. Inside this peeler, you are going to get two types of sharp blades, which means that with the help of these blades, you can make desired pieces of any fruit. Surely! This peeler is great for your kitchen and for your hands.
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