MILAP Pout It Out Crayon Lipstick for Women - Creamy Matte Finish All Day Long - Smudge & Waterproof - Hydrating Lip Color - Soft & Full Coverage

MILAP Pout It Out Crayon Lipstick for Women - Creamy Matte Finish All Day Long - Smudge & Waterproof - Hydrating Lip Color - Soft & Full Coverage

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[ MATTE LIP CRAYON ] - Pucker up and flaunt your pout with our Ultra Matte lip crayon! Ultra Matte Crayon Lipstick gives you the best of both worlds - the precision of a lip liner pencil and the smooth application everyone loves. Simply apply the lip color as it is or combine it with multiple crayons to create your very own unique color. This highly pigmented and blendable lip crayon allows you to experiment with multiple shades to find a look that matches your mood. [ SILKY MATTE FINISH ] - Matte crayon lip color is designed to be comfortable and lightweight, creamy silky texture, a thin layer on your mouth, no sticky feeling, high coloring, natural and comfortable makeup, and light and not heavy, letting you become the dazzling girl in the crowd. Enjoy luxurious lips in multiple colures bold, robust colors with a simple-to-use lip crayon that's begging to be slipped into your favorite purse. [ LONG-LASTING & WATERPROOF ] - The crayon lipstick is made of a long-lasting formula. It is light in texture, waterproof, and sweat-proof, has rich and long-lasting color and is not easy to fade. It is not sticky, moisturizing, and does not dry out. It is very suitable for comfortable wearing all day long, giving you a shiny look all day long. This lightweight, streak-proof lip pencil delivers full coverage in just one swipe, delivering bold, smudge-proof results that last up to 12 hours. [ EASY TO WEAR ] - The creamy, silky texture glides on smoothly to define lips with ease. To use as a blush stick, dot a few dots on your face and blend naturally with your fingers. Crayon lipstick is light in weight and small in size. You can carry it with you whether you are on a business trip or at work. You can apply and touch up your makeup anytime and anywhere to keep your makeup in perfect condition. Cleans easily with cleansing oil or makeup remover. [ FLATTERING SHADES FOR EVERY SKIN TONE ] - Enjoy long-lasting beauty with every application no matter if you use our lip matte crayon as a complete lip color or just as a vibrant lip liner. Compact & portable, it’s suitable to be bought for personal use or as a birthday gift to friends or your mom, wife, or girlfriends, or as a present gift on Thanksgiving day, Christmas, and other festivals. It’s available in stunning neutral and pink shades to coordinate with every look.
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