Ozoy Wave Board Skate Board with Carry Bag | LED Flash Colorful Lights in Wheels Outdoor for Kids |Skates for Kids

Ozoy Wave Board Skate Board with Carry Bag | LED Flash Colorful Lights in Wheels Outdoor for Kids |Skates for Kids

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Lightweight take it to skateboard rings, playgrounds, driveways, or any flat surface outdoors. Designed for extreme sports fans, cruiser skateboard for kids, teens, or adults. This board measures 33”x 8” x 9.Exclusive original waveboard customized with P paytag exclusive skateboard decks. New fresh Poly Gone design and colors by Ozoy. Get the best designed 2-wheeled skateboard deck to highlight while you skate.Durable Wheels high performance casters, 78mm smooth wheels / ABEC 7 /PU 88A, Alloy cast torsion bar housing and Bearings with a 360-degree turn, made of cast aluminum that allows grinds and offers greater durability.Resistant built for exciting and rough outdoor playing, it can hold up to 100KG (220LBS). For boys and girls ages 6+. 4 Ply Reinforced Steel torsion bar. Ideal to increase skateboards skills. Improve your body resistance while waveboarding!Innovation mixing snowboarding and skateboarding into a new fun sport. Take your skating to another level with this caster board and try a variety of tricks in the skate park. Perfect to explore new routes while riding.
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