Paree Dry Feel Sanitary Pads For Women |XL-42 Pads|Heavy Flow Champion|Double Feathers for Extra Coverage|Quick Absorption

Paree Dry Feel Sanitary Pads For Women |XL-42 Pads|Heavy Flow Champion|Double Feathers for Extra Coverage|Quick Absorption

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Heavy Flow Champion: Paree dry feel pads eliminate the risk of leakage and make sure to give you a mess-free period experience even during heavy flow days. Top Dry Sheet & Dry Feel: The top sheet is carefully designed to give you extra protection. Due to quick absorption, you feel dry and wetness-free all day long. Added Gel: It has added gel which enables quick absorption for heavy flow. There is no discomfort due to the wetness as these pads lock in the liquid within a few seconds. Double Feather: The extra-long sanitary pads have a wider back for extra coverage and stain-proof periods. It also has feathers that ensure the pad stays in place throughout and prevent side leakage. Skin Friendly: These pads have toxin-free material making them skin-friendly and suitable for all skin types.
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