Portronics Decibel 20 16W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar, 3.5mm Aux Slot, HQ Stereo Sound, Long Playtime(Black)

Portronics Decibel 20 16W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar, 3.5mm Aux Slot, HQ Stereo Sound, Long Playtime(Black)

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Meet the melodious: The 16 w bluetooth mini soundbar offers a musical experience that excites you the 16-watt stereo speakers of the soundbar give you HQ sound quality when you listen to your favourite song or watch a movie inside your room converting your room into a mini theatre or arena. Listen to the way you desire: Your favourite tracks with your preferred connections on the sound bar as there's more than one scope of connectivity. You can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 MM AUX or USB-flash drive. Up the look: The sound bar bluetooth speaker has an aesthetic build with a black matte finish that adds more sass to your room decor wherever you place it on the study table, drawer or on the dresser. Suitable for your devices: Your favourite tracks on the soundbar from the device from which you want to listen. Compatible with smartphones iOS and android. Along with an affinity for PCs and laptops as well. Longstanding: Groove for longer hours with Portronics Decibel 20 Bluetooth soundbar with a playtime of 5 hours and it takes 1 hour to charge. 8 min charge = 80 mins playtime. A USB-micro cable is provided for charging.
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