The Man Company Blanc EDT Perfume for Men - 50ml | Premium Long-Lasting Fragrance Spray | Gift for Men, Gift for Him

The Man Company Blanc EDT Perfume for Men - 50ml | Premium Long-Lasting Fragrance Spray | Gift for Men, Gift for Him

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Details of the product
Perfect daily wear perfume - The Blanc Perfume is an ideal fragrance for all your workdays. Its subtle and rich scent makes it the ultimate choice for a gentleman. Long-lasting fragrance - The Man Company’s Blanc Perfume for Men has a citrusy and musky scent that keeps you fresh throughout your workday. It will also keep all your office blues at bay. Wear it at work - Blanc adds a final touch of perfection to your workday look. It is an ideal pick for those boardroom meetings and hectic weekdays. Top note: Lemon Lemon makes for a refreshing top note that is zesty and cheerful to keep your spirit high and uplifted. Middle note: Lavender Lavender has an aromatic floral note that is fresh and spicy. Its fragrance is perfect for summers and spring. Base note: Musk As a base note, musk is known to linger onto you even after the aromatic transition of your fragrance. Supercharges your positivity - Believe it or not but a good fragrance can act as a pick-me-up. One spritz can enhance your mood and make your day at the office so much better. Banishes stress: If you’ve got a stressful day at work, turn to a bottle of our citrusy Blanc and witness all the stress and lethargy fading away. Makes you attractive: Wearing a nice perfume is one of the best ways to create an impact. Be the boss at all the boardroom meetings with a spray of Blanc.
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