Tukzer Active Stylus Pen, iPad Pencil with Palm Rejection, Tilt Sensitivity, High Precision| for iPad 2018 Onwards iPad Air (3/4/5) Pro 11" (1/2/3/4) Pro 12.9" (3/4/5/6) (6/7/8/9/10) Mini (6/5)(White)

Tukzer Active Stylus Pen, iPad Pencil with Palm Rejection, Tilt Sensitivity, High Precision| for iPad 2018 Onwards iPad Air (3/4/5) Pro 11" (1/2/3/4) Pro 12.9" (3/4/5/6) (6/7/8/9/10) Mini (6/5)(White)

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Details of the product
Palm rejection technology: This upgraded iPad stylus pencil prevents unintended touch input from the palm or other parts of the hand while using a stylus. With your palm gently resting on the screen, it allows a more natural and intuitive user experience without interruptions. Pressure & angle/ tilt sensitivity: Responds to varying levels of pressure allows to control the thickness of lines or the intensity of shading effect by varying the pressure applied to the stylus. This feature is especially useful for digital artists, a more natural drawing experience. Low latency ensures that there is no lag time and no delay. High precision 1.0mm fine point tip: Designed to provide extremely precise control and accurate input. Ideal for high-precision tasks, such as writing, note-taking, drawing, sketching, and detailed digital artwork. Magnetic adsorption: It can be magnetically attached to the side of iPad's Pro, prevents rolling and falling off. Compatible with Apple iPad 2018 & onwards: iPad Air (3rd/4th/5th Gen)| iPad Pro 11" (All Generations 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th Gen)| iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd/4th/5th/6th Gen)|iPad (6th/7th/8th/9th/10th Gen)| iPad Mini (6th/5th Gen) … [NOTE: NOT COMAPTIBLE With iPad Version Earlier 2018, AND iPhone, Android, Microsoft Devices. Please Check Carefully The Correct iPad Model Before You Purchase It.] Fast charging & battery life: Charge about 45-60 minutes and allows up to 10 hours of continuous use. It auto shuts down after 5 minutes of inactivity to save power. Dimention: 3.94 x 1.18 x 0.63 inches. W.t.Comes with 6 months warranty for support call +91-77188-31111 & email id - [email protected] (Mon to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm)
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