uppercase Ridge Trolley Bag (Large) 74cms |Hardsided Polycarbonate Check-in Luggage | 8 Wheel Trolley Bag |with TSA Lock and Anti Theft Zippers |Suitcase for Men and Women | 2000 Days Warranty (Blue)

uppercase Ridge Trolley Bag (Large) 74cms |Hardsided Polycarbonate Check-in Luggage | 8 Wheel Trolley Bag |with TSA Lock and Anti Theft Zippers |Suitcase for Men and Women | 2000 Days Warranty (Blue)

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2000 days of international warranty- India's pioneering Uppercase Ridge Sustainable Hard Luggage, the ultimate blend of durability and eco-conscious design, featuring 2000 days International Warranty. This certified trolley bag sets the benchmark as the first of its kind in India (License CMPY-158596-RCS), making it an ideal suitcase for travel for both men & women. TSA-approved locks- This Check-in Trolley Bag (54 x 32 x 74 cm) is equipped with a built-in TSA-approved lock, ensuring hassle-free travel while keeping your belongings safe and secure. Effortlessly glide through any terrain with our branded dual wheels. Designed for durability and smooth manoeuvrability, these wheels provide a seamless travel experience, no matter where your adventures take you. In-built laundry compartment & convipacks- Say goodbye to mixing clean and dirty clothes! Our suitcase features an innovative inbuilt laundry compartment, allowing you to separate your worn garments from the fresh ones, maintaining cleanliness and organization throughout your trip. Stay organized like never before with the Ridge’s convipacks on both sides. These designed compartments ensure efficient packing, making it easy to access your essentials and minimizing the risk of wrinkling . With cushioned interiors & shock-absorbing lugs- Travelling should be comfortable from start to finish. This luggage bag features cushioned interiors, providing a soft and luxurious feel for your belongings. Your delicate items and souvenirs will be cradled with care throughout your journey. With our suitcase's enhanced shock-absorbing lugs, you can rest assured that your valuables will be safeguarded against any bumps or impacts during transit. Anti-theft zippers & sturdy handles- Protect your belongings against unauthorized access with our anti-theft zippers. These specially designed zippers offer enhanced security, adding an extra layer of protection to give you peace of mind during your travels. Convenience meets functionality with the top and side handles of our suitcase. Whether you need to lift it into an overhead compartment or maneuver it through crowded spaces, these sturdy handles ensure easy handling and comfortable grip.
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