Villain Raid Combo Perfume Gift Set for Men 4x8 ml | Luxury Perfume with Long Lasting Fragrance | Woody, Pheromones, Spicy, Oriental | Best Perfume Gift Set For Men | Fragrance Set

Villain Raid Combo Perfume Gift Set for Men 4x8 ml | Luxury Perfume with Long Lasting Fragrance | Woody, Pheromones, Spicy, Oriental | Best Perfume Gift Set For Men | Fragrance Set

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Details of the product
4 unique scents in one combo pack: Villain Raid Combo comprises four wicked and distinctive fragrances for men, each embodying the essence of a classic villain and bringing out a unique characteristic in you. It consists of Villain Revolver Eau De Parfum, Villain Revolver Eau De Parfum Gold Edition, Villain The Joker Eau De Parfum and Villain Desire Eau De Parfum, each for 8ml. Long-lasting, masculine & high-quality fragrance: Villain ensures that all of its perfumes for men are long-lasting, and give off the ultimate macho vibe. Each of the scents in the Raid Combo are high-quality fragrances that will help you stand out in your own wicked way. Cedar, coconutty, oriental & other notes: Villain Raid Combo is packaged to give men a mix of scents that will ensure they always stand out from the crowd. Woody, spicy, coconutty, cedar, and bergamot are just a few of these wide ranges of notes that are going to make any man absolutely irresistible. Suited for all occasions: These 8ml Eau De Parfums can be carried anywhere because of their small size, perfect build and fragrances that will suit every occasion. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, informal or formal events, late night parties, and even when travelling, these scents will never disappoint. Get your value for money with this premium fragrance. Ideal gift for men: Villain is a brand that makes products specifically for bold men. So, gifting this incredible Raid Combo to the men in your life will not only bring out their best but will also keep their wicked vibe alive! Skin friendly: Villain perfumes for men are extremely skin-friendly and safe to use. Villain Raid Combo consists of the best perfumes for men out there, which you can apply on neck or wrists for best results, and also on your clothes. The Villain Vibe: Unapologetic, unabashed and unafraid, Villain is made for the men who are true to themselves and their style. A celebration of the antagonist that lies amongst all of us, Villain is here to offer in-your-face, bold, elite and stylish products that invoke an intriguing and alluring demeanour and break the trend.
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