Wellbeing Nutrition Organic Vegan Plant Protein Isolate Powder | 22g Protein, 5g BCAA European Pea & Brown Rice Protein | Superfoods, Fiber for Muscle Growth & Recovery | Dark Chocolate - 500gm

Wellbeing Nutrition Organic Vegan Plant Protein Isolate Powder | 22g Protein, 5g BCAA European Pea & Brown Rice Protein | Superfoods, Fiber for Muscle Growth & Recovery | Dark Chocolate - 500gm

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Complete superfood organic plant protein scientifically formulated by nutritionists in the US. This delicious superfood protein in dark chocolate hazelnut flavor is 100% plant-based high bioavailability and digestibility. A single serving provides 22g of complete protein requirements, all essential amino acids and 5g of BCAAs. Enriched with extracts from potent berries, natural antioxidants, digestive enzymes and MCT from coconut oil, it supports daily repair, and recovery. Superior protein for muscle growth & repair with 22g of pure protein sourced from European Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein Isolate and Chia Seeds, this plant protein is an excellent post-workout companion, with a complete amino acid profile that acts like a building block for the body. It supplies the right amount of nutrients your body needs to increase muscle mass, build lean muscle, improve endurance, and help you maintain your ideal body weight by boosting your metabolism. Natural superfood blend for enhanced immunity & recovery unlike traditional proteins, our vegan protein is enriched with nutrient-dense alkalizing superfoods like Organic Spirulina, Chlorella and Moringa. These are rich in Vitamins B, C and E essential for a healthy immune system. Potent antioxidants in this blend also help fight inflammation and support muscle recovery. BCAAs help muscles feel less sore after exercise and help repair damaged tissues caused due to strenuous exercise. Complete gut balance and easy to digest each serving is enhanced with a digestive enzyme blend- DigeZyme to improve gut health and effective digestion. It is a blend of 5 specific enzymes - α-amylase (to hydrolyze starch), protease (to hydrolyze protein), lipase (to hydrolyze Fat), cellulase (to hydrolyze cellulose), and lactase (to hydrolyze lactose). Created at low temperatures to preserve its complete amino acid integrity, it also maximizes absorption and eliminates bloating. Clean label and Informed Sport certified our superfood plant protein is Informed Sport Certified, symbolizing strict standards in product development, testing & quality, safety for athletes of all levels & free of banned substances prohibited in sports. It’s vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, naturally sweetened, non GMO & contains no artificial ingredients, making it ideal for vegans, lactose and whey intolerants. Loved globally by 5 million+ happy customers.
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