XJARVIS Miami Solid Ankle Socks for Women & Girls

XJARVIS Miami Solid Ankle Socks for Women & Girls

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Women's Xjarvis athletic crew socks are made of premium polyester fabric that swiftly wicks away moisture to keep feet dry while participating in outdoor activities. Women's crew socks in sizes 9 to 11 fit US shoe sizes 6 to 10. 3 pairs in a pack socks in a variety of colours, including pink, yellow, and purple. 80% cotton, 16.5% polyester, 3.5% spandex. No boring colours: ditch the black and white; our athletic socks are available in a variety of vivid colours that will make your day! You can see what we mean by looking at the images! High cotton content guarantees that they will remain soft to the touch and won't develop lumpy portions after a few washings. Heel and toe reinforced: the heel and toe have been reinforced for durability in high-wear areas. When walking, running, playing golf or tennis, these socks for women with tab designs can support your heel and offer protection, blister resistance, and non-slip properties. Athletic and ankle socks are excellent for daily casual wear in addition to play and exercise. Start using our adorable socks for daily use, running, walking, exercise, the gym, hiking, tennis, and golf right away! The ideal option is soft, flexible, and odorless. Perfect for daily wear or if you are working hard. Choose the quarter socks for yourself, your family, or your friends as the perfect present for both young and old.
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